When loading a tank truck at the loading terminal or discharging fuel at the service station, the driver has the responsibility to make the correct hose connections. As simple as this everyday routine may be, mistakes still occur. Filling tank trucks or service station storage tanks with wrong product can be quite expensive for the distributors or end customers.

SAM MT® COP Video (click the play button):


It must be ensured for petrol transport that the right product is delivered from the loading gantry to the correct fuel tank at the service station. That’s the responsibility of the cross over prevention.



Loading terminal
NoMix TAG is mounted on each loading arms on the loading terminal. While bottom loading, the product data is electronically via AUK transferred to the SAM COP computer of the tank truck. All Data is collected from the TAG on the loading arm.

Remaining quantities in the compartments are specified ahead of time. This rules out loading the incorrect compartment or with the wrong product.

The loading will only be released if the compartment is empty or the product code is agreed by the SAM COP.

Service station
NoMix TAG is mounted on each filling nozzle at the service station. When delivering to the service station tank, only filling the correct tank is possible.

The system compares product information from the  TAG at the ground tank filling nozzle and the truck information stored in SAM COP.

Grants discharge release only when the products information agrees.

At the same time, the correct connection of the vapor recovery hose can be monitored and the correct assignment for overfill prevention can be ensured according to EN 13616. (Only Germany)


SAM COP Eliminate the risk of:

  • Tank cleaning, truck or service station
  • Returning of contaminated products to the terminal/refinery
  • Damage of end customers vehicles
  • Downtime on truck and/or customer/service stations etc.
  • Spending resources and money due to cocktails