About SAM SYSTEM:We’re an agile private-owned well consolidated company, being in business since 1972 and based in Denmark. We’re ATEX certified to develop, design, manufacture and sell electronics, software and hardware to clients working in EX-environments. We also hold an ISO 9001 certificate. Our core capability is to listen and, in combination with our know how, create exactly the solution you and your customers need. Over the years we have developed strong, long-lasting relations to several global companies. We have customized and implemented electronic tank-fleet systems to global oil companies like Esso, BP, Q8, Texaco, Circle K, Shell, Din-X, OK and Hydro. We have supplied solutions for more than 2400 trucks in Scandinavia―and more than 1300 in Europe. We provide world class service combined with effective and valuable support. We take great care to meet our customers’ trust and expectations, and we are always ready to provide the best possible service. Our vision is to maintain our position as the most trusted and innovative supplier of Electronic Pump Metering and On Truck Computer Systems with focus on delivering Quality, Service and Innovations to the Oil Industry.

As colleagues we collaborate and inspire each other in an agile work environment. The wellbeing and work life balance for everybody in the company is important for us. Several employees thrived here in 25+ years. It assures that you will meet motivated and competent people when collaborating with us.

Company History


The company was founded in Silkeborg under the name Sam-Projekt a/s (electronic controls etc.)


The first OTC system is delivered to Esso (Exxon).


Delivery of OTC systems to Esso Benelux.


A new OTC system is developed in a close cooperation with Shell Germany.


The name of the company is changed from Sam-Projekt to Sam-System a/s.


Alfons Haar and Drum Engineering (Syltone) acquire Sam-System.


Syltone sold to Gardner Denver. The name of Sam-System is changed to Gardner Denver Systems.


Management buy out of Sam-System.


Sam-System are appointed system responsible for a new OTC system to Statoil fleet in Scandinavia.


Sam-System acquire MA-teknik.


Sam-System is supplying the first SAM MT solution.


Sam-System appointed as a ‘Gazelle company’ by the Danish corporate media ‘Børsen’. Sam-System moves to the current headquarters at AC Illumsvej 31, DK-8600 Silkeborg.


Entering the Faroe Island with 14 systems for oil trucks.


Multi Touch systems delivered to trucks in Norway.


Military tank containers equipped with system for delivery with card interface.


Entering the Lithuanian market with systems including Sealed Parcel Delivery and NO MIX (COP). Same year, 100 Sealed Parcel Delivery systems for Venezuela.


Entering Finland with systems for fuel trucks.


Multi Touch systems delivered to trucks in Sweden.


Sam-System gets funding from Innovation Fund Denmark to finance development of a new product—expected to be a game changer.