We add value and release resources

Our products are specially designed for hazardous areas. To create profitable systems for the customer, we base the system on standard solutions, added with specific functionalities. This creates a customized standard solution that fits exactly to the individual customer’s needs.

The systems are developed, designed and manufactured to the most demanding environments, which helps to ensure the stability and reliability of systems throughout its life expectancy. Stability and reliability can be documented real live on all solutions.

World class innovation

We develop and create embedded solutions, and our products are characterized by high quality. They are designed to be in stable operation in all environments with a focus on maximum uptime. It is among other things these unique characteristics, that Sam-System products differ from our competitors.

Worls class production
All products are developed, designed and produced in our own factory in Silkeborg and naturally lives up to regulations, both within the EU and outside.

World class installation

  • We deliver manuals for all our solutions – including the necessary information for mounting, connecting and adjusting the whole setups.
  • By following the instructions we secure that the ATEX, MID or national demands for the solutions will be fulfilled and follow the agreed approvals.
  • Besides, Sam-System offers a specific installation course for all individual workshops there are going to maintain or serve the solutions. The content of the course will be with focus on installation, test and troubleshooting. Also the ATEX and MID aspect will be covered.