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Reliable ATEX Certified Solutions

Our systems are developed, designed and manufactured to the most demanding environments, which helps to ensure the stability and reliability of systems throughout its life expectancy. Stability and reliability has been proved live on all solutions. Our products are certified according to ATEX and MID.

Made in Denmark

Our products are developed, designed and produced in our own factory in Silkeborg. In this way you can be sure about product quality and flexible deliveries on time.

Do not hesitate to contact Peter Rødkjær for guidance in choosing the right solution for your application.
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Road Tanker Solutions

We offer following solutions for road tankers:

Multi Touch System

Large Touch Display

Able to control everything on the truck. The display has different views like compartment overview and flow meter with large digits, readable on a far distance.

Stand Alone System

Robust Design for Rough Environments

Simplifies administrative tasks associated with oil- and gasoline-based product deliveries. Attractive for small and medium-large hauliers/suppliers.


System at a Competitive Price

Simplifies administrative tasks associated with oil- and gasoline-based product deliveries. Cost-effective solution for tank trucks.

NO Mix – COP System

Eliminates Product Mix

A simple system eliminating the risk of mixing products at both loading and delivery.

Cap PC

Touch Screen Driver Terminal

Gives the driver all the information and flexibility needed during the day. The CabPc has a 10,4” touch screen with visual product information and compartment control.


Intrinsically Safe Optical Level Switch

Glass-tipped sensor. Tested under extreme conditions on European roads. From the northern part of Norway to the southern part of France.

Features and Options

The solutions has following great features and options:

Sealed Parcel Delivery

Electronic tanker sealing system enabling a measured quantity of petroleum product to be loaded, electronically sealed and monitored and subsequently delivered without the need for secondary measurement at the delivery site.

Tracing/Geo Fencing

The truck can be traced via Google Maps. GPS registration at all defined events (stop, deliveries, etc.) with geo fencing option.

Compartment Monitoring

The product and volume in each compartment is monitored and recalculated during deliveries. The content can be viewed and constantly communicated to the logistics department (back office).

Additive Control
Additive Injection is controlled if your truck has an additivation system. The tank level is monitored and an alarm gives an early warning when the tank is about to be empty.
Data Communication

Our systems are able to communicate with a pc/tablet in the cap or via GPRS to other systems like a delivery management system.

Temperature Compensation
The temperature of the delivered product is measured and the delivered volume compensated accordingly.

Contact: Peter Rødkjær
Phone: +45 87981100

Depot and Industrial Solutions

We offer following solutions for depots and industry:

Electronic Tags for Loading Terminals and Service Stations

Sam-System is offering a number of electronic TAGS to existing and/or new installations on Tank Trucks, loading terminals and service stations, mainly in combination with a COP/No Mix solution.

Safety Safety Safety… Anticipating Risks
To avoid dangerous sparks between a component and the tank during loading operation, the tank must be earthed. A grounding divices basic function is to earth automatically the tank to the ground to avoid any operator error. The main applications on our solutions are tank truck earthing, barrel earthing and wagon earthing.
GPS Realtime Tracking
Solution developed to be placed on movable equipment having the possibility for a GPS Realtime tracking and/or event solution. By tracking a vehicle, the position will be visible on google map. Event registration can be customized and setup to track information’s from a truck bus, valve, digital meters, man lead, pneumatic etc.
Electronic Weighing Device as Private Lable
SAM-SYSTEM has for many years developed and produced electronic weighing devices, which has been sold as private label all over the world and we have a unique know how on this kind of niche products. Our weighing solutions can as well be supplied as an MID weighing unit.

Contact: Peter Rødkjær
Phone: +45 87981100