MID trust center and innovative MID environment

Sam-System has its own MID trust center and an innovative MID environment.

One of our core competences is developing, producing and supplying solutions according to the MID Directive.

We are offering the following MID services:

  • New development according to MID
  • Producing solutions according to MID
  • Testing and approval of appliances, equipments and systems according to MID
  • Consultant Services according to (the) MID (Directive)

We are the owner of a number of MID systems certifications that make it possible to upgrade from National approvals when upgrading existing equipment. This setup is minimizing the cost to upgrade existing approvals.

Advice and approvals

We offer advice and MID approvals for product developing companies.
Here we review the product and documentation and make the necessary tests.
The optimal performance of the advice will be obtained, if we are involved as early in the product development phase as possible.

Contact: Peter Rødkjær
Phone: +45 87981100
E-mail: pr@sam-system.com