No Mix COP-system

Eliminate the risk of product contamination to aviod the cost of:

  • Tank cleaning, truck or service station.
  • Returning of contaminated products to the terminal/refinery.
  • Damage of end customers vehicles.
  • Downtime on truck and/or customer/service stations.

This is how the No Mix COP-system works (click the play button):

Contact: Peter Rødkjær
Phone: +45 87981100

System principle

At the Loading terminal

A No Mix TAG is mounted on each loading arm. The data on the TAG is transferred to the COP-system on the tank truck when the loading arm is connected to the API.

The COP-systems only allows loading when the compartment is empty or the product in the compartment and loading arm is the same.

At the Service station

A No Mix TAG is mounted on each filling nozzle at the service station. The system compares the stored data on the truck with the data on the TAG at the filling nozzle.

The system grants discharge release only when the products information agrees.

At the same time, the correct connection of the vapor recovery hose can be monitored and the correct assignment for overfill prevention can be ensured according.

Mix up story
Read this article about the cause and consequences of fuel mix up. The article is written by Fuel Fixer Ltd, a company cleaning cars having wrong or contaminated fuel in the tank.