SAM Basic5

SAM Basic5 is an electronic Pump Metering System developed to be used in rough environment to simplify administrative tasks associated with oil- and gasoline-based product deliveries.

The system can be used on road tankers, aviation, marine (bunkering), depots, stationary or mobile tank stations, containers, rail or like a stand alone delivery system.

SAM Basic5 is developed to work in extremely cold (-35°C in standard version) or hot (+60°C) and in environments with vibrations, dry or wet (IP65).

SAM Basic5 . . . Value for money

The SAM Basic5 is approved according to MID and ATEX directives and supply all products legally. All information regarding the deliveries is registered in the systems and can be sent to a specific server via modems, cable etc. Other customer relevant demands can be registered in the system by adding sensors, GPS, switches etc. to the systems.

Contact: Peter Rødkjær
Phone: +45 87981100

System functionality

Wide functionality

  • Calibrated temperature probe included, ready for temperature compensated deliveries.
  • Control of Additive Injection.
  • Customizable delivery ticket.
  • Dual Register solution, add two meters to each solution.
  • Programmable relays for Electronic Valve Control, Pump Control and much more.


  • Back office integration.
  • FTL Communication.
  • Modem for data transaction included.
  • RS-232/485 communication ports.
  • Remote control (option).

Easy and safe use

  • Large backlit display with clear illustrations and information.
  • Compartment management.
  • Designed to simplify operations for its users.
  • Automation of data to eliminate loss.
  • Multiple language support.
  • Volume Preset Deliveries.
SAM Basic5 characteristics
  • Electronic transfer of order and customer data to road tankers (planned deliveries).
  • Electronic registration of product delivered, quantity, quality and delivery time.
  • Electronic transfer of delivery data from tank trucks to administration/FTP server. (2-way communication).
  • Matching the loaded and delivered quantities pr. product.
  • Order priority.
  • Additive and flushing management.
  • Electronic log.
  • Eliminating sources of error.
  • Compartment Volume Monitoring.
  • Full Integration with Costumers Back Office System.