SAM Basic is an electronic Pump Metering System developed to be used in rough environment to simplify administrative tasks associated with oil- and gasoline-based product deliveries.

The system can be used on Tank Trucks, Aviation, Marine (bunkering), depots, Stationary or Mobile Tank Stations, Containers, Rail or like a Stand Alone delivery system.

SAM Basic is developed to work in extremely cold (-35°C in standard version) or hot (+60°C) and in environments with vibrations, dry or wet (IP65).



The SAM Basic is approved according to MID and ATEX directives and supply all products legally including a legal printout. All information regarding the deliveries is registered in the systems and can be sent to a specific server via modems, cable etc. Other customer relevant demands can be registered in the system by adding sensors, GPS, switches etc. to the systems.

SAM Basic is prepared for 2-way communication via GPRS, WiFi, Satellites, RS245 or similar standards and prepared for user control via code, card reader, TAG or similar standards.


The SAM Fixomat is the systems MMI and has a clear graphic display, giving the user all needed information to operate the systems smooth and easy. The SAM Fixomat can handle up to 4 independent digital liter counters at the same time, for collecting all costumer relevant events and send the information to a specific server by GPRS or similar services. The SAM Fixomat has 2- way communication and can be used to pick up specific order to the systems and release the order to the SAM LC. On Tank Truck the SAM Fixomat can be used as a CAB PC.

The SAM LC is the MID approved part of the system and is controlling all legal operations. It can be used as an external operation control unit with up to five bottoms used for manual system information, start/stop, events etc. The display is a mandatory part of the MID, but is only needed during the system verification why the unit can be hidden away during daily operations. The display can be programmed to show a number of information, if it is placed on a visual place. The SAM LC controls the valve and after release the deliveries can start by activating the pistol, remote start/stop, switches etc.


Requirements if MID is mandatory:

  • Approved meter of brand:
    • Smith:T11, T20 or T40
    • Sening: GMVT 805 or GMVZ 1004
    • Other meters would/could require new MID approval
  • Two – channel encoder
  • Inline Valve

Other works could be:

  • Re-verification of meter
  • Installation
    • SAM is offering training ”on-spot” or in Silkeborg, DK
  • Required training of service organization
  • External antennas if the reception is poor
  • Changing of the MID approval if the meter is not a Smith T11, T20 or T40
  • Adjustments to existing Back office solutions for prepare the system to receive/send data from/to the SAM Basic
  • Installation / programming of the FTP server for send/receive information and events from/to the SAM Basic


  • Developed for reliability and performance in roughed environment
  • Possible to use a simple back office system (Option intended for smaller hauliers)
  • Contact to Back Office via GPRS in real time
  • GPRS placed in the cabin MMI
  • 2-way communication
  • Tested and proved in roughed environment
  • Extremely cold/hot
  • Dry or wet
  • Vibration
  • Event registration with:
    • Date
    • Time
    • Location
  • GPS tracking monitoring via Google MAP
  • Trip data directly from Back Office
  • Delivery information Return to Back Office
  • Temperature compensation (option)
  • Customization (option)