The price-efficient solution for quality-conscious hauliers / suppliers. The purpose of the SAM Stand Alone solution is to simplify administrative tasks associated with oil- and gasoline-based product deliveries. The system is attractive for small and medium-large hauliers/suppliers. This solution is developed out from the SAM LC2005 with a controlled amount of limitations but with the best function and flexibility ever.


The price-efficient solution for quality-conscious hauliers/suppliers. The SAM Stand Alone offers the following simplifications:

  • Electronic transfer of order and customer data to tank trucks (planned deliveries)
  • Electronic registration of product delivered, quantity, and delivery time
  • Electronic transfer of delivery data from tank trucks to administration/FTP server. (2-way communication)
  • Alignment of shipped and delivered quantities per product
  • Order priority
  • Additive and flushing management
  • Electronic log
  • Ideal solution for rigid and semi
  • Error elimination

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Customer orders can be handled as ordinarily. A group of “trip orders” is compiled pre-delivery in a trip (full load) per tank truck. There may be more than one trip to a tank truck on the same day. Trip data (order and customer data) are automatically transferred to the individual tank trucks. An urgent order for the tank trucks may be transferred after completion of planned deliveries.

The tank truck receives planned trip data before the trip starts. Based on these data, the tank truck is loaded at the depot. The driver completes the delivery of the first planned order. Order data may be combined with customer data in the shape of date and quantity for the last delivery as well as location of the client tank and the desired time of delivery, if any. A delivery note is printed and delivery data are sent back to the administrative system for invoicing. The driver can choose between orders from different trips. After each trip (full load), a statement incorporating loaded and delivered quantities as well as calculated residual product are sent.

An electronic log is kept for each truck including delivery events. These data may be utilised in connection with analysis of any error situation.

After each delivery, delivery data from the tank trucks are transferred to the administrative system to be utilised for client invoicing.

After each completed drive, a statement incorporating loaded products and quantities, deliveries, and calculated residual materiel is received. The statement can be combined with time data, driven kilometres, as well as other applicable data.


Sam-System offers a number of options for the SAM Stand Alone solution:

  • GPS registration at all defined events (stop, deliveries, etc.)
    • The truck can be traced via Google Maps
  • Remote control
  • Compartment management
  • Ship deliveries (oil Bunkering)
  • Additiv Injection
  • COP (Cross-Over Prevention, No-Mix)
  • SDS/SPS (Sealed Delivery System/ Sealed Parcel delivery)
  • Document scanner
  • Automatic transmission by loading data from the depot to SAM Stand Alone
  • Driver terminal (synchronised with the SAM Stand Alone display)
    • Camera solutions (rear and/or side)
    • GPS
  • Client adaption
    • A4 printer
    • Label printer
    • Customized


  • Contact to Back Office via GPRS in real time
  • GPRS placed in the MMI or CabPC depend on System setup
  • 2-way communication
  • Modular system, allowing for further upgrades (SW/HW)
  • Possible to use a simple back office system (Option intended for smaller hauliers)
  • Loading product information directly from depot (option)
  • Event registration with:
    • Date
    • Time
    • Location
  • GPS tracking monitoring via Google MAP
  • Trip data directly from Back Office
  • Fine planning directly on CAB PC
  • Delivery information Return to Back Office
  • Synchronized displays on truck/cabin
  • Compartment management (option)
  • Control of Additive Injection (option)
  • Temperature compensation (option)
  • Wet Leg Sensors, pressure switches, Guard Bar Surveillance etc. (options)
  • Remote Control (option)
  • On Truck Document Scanner (option)
  • Ship Bunkering (options)
  • Online support, service and updates
  • Customization (option)