SAM Wetleg

Two-in-one glass-tipped sensor. The WetLeg [WL] sensor from SAM-SYSTEM A/S has been tested under extreme conditions on European roads. From the northern part of Norway to the southern part of France. Snow, salt, frost, sun and similar extreme environments have tested the sensor to its limit.

Intrinsically safe optical level switch

Different applications demand different configurations. This is why we have chosen to construct the sensor to be used in different applications. The sensor can be connected to support any sensorcritical-installations using the 2-wire Namur circuit configuration. The Namur configuration allows controlling of the sensor itself while in service. For industrial installations the sensor can be connected as a standard open collector circuit.

Contact: Peter Rødkjær
Phone: +45 87981100

Tecnical specifications

All sensors for the oil market are equipped with Viton O-rings while most sensors for the chemical business are equipped with Teflon or Teflon/Viton O-rings.

Extra information

The sensor is made of stainless steel with a glass tip and comes in two lengths suitable for most applications. Viton or Teflon o-rings ensure that the sensor can operate reliable with a variety of different products.