SAM MT® – Changing the ways to operate a road tanker

With SAM MT you get a system with the possibility of controlling all delivery functions and switches for work lights and warning light, plus any other switch you need to control. With a CANopen interface the system is very flexible. (The system is also known as SafeCon II).

The system has a data communication port allowing the SAM MT system to integrate with an in-cab computer for delivery and tour management via GPRS.

SAM MT has proven its reliability since 2010, mounted on large fleets for major fuel operators.

The main component in the system is the SAM MT screen—a ruggedized touch panel computer. Other system components are:

  • MID/ATEX certified litre counter, LC4
  • Input/output modules (Wago, Beckhoff)
  • Pneumatic valve island (Norgren)
  • Cab keyboard panel
  • Wet leg sensors
  • Remote Control

The MT Screen has Different Views

The Over View

This is the control overview with buttons for lights, selecting outlet, compartments and additivation for the next delivery. At the bottom of the screen there’s compartment monitoring and control with fuel product grade indicator, open/close bottom valve, and pad lock sign for sealed parcel delivery. The event log is shown in the middle of the screen:

Compartment Monitoring View

Visualisation of the compartment volume with fuel product grade indicator, bottom valve status, and pad lock sign for sealed parcel delivery:

Additive View

If the truck has an additivation system, the level is calculated and viewed:

Litre Counter View

The litre counter view controls the functions for delivery like open/close compartments, start/stop delivery, drain, flush, and full/not full tank.

A row of buttons can be customized to your needs for other controls like warning lights, cabinet light, additivation, or valves for e.g. external suction.

At the bottom of the screen there’s compartment monitoring and control with fuel product grade indicator, open/close bottom valve, and pad lock sign for sealed parcel delivery:

The display changes to large counter view when delivery starts. It gives a better readability on a far distance:

Remote Support Reducing Down Time and Cost

Our support team has online access to the MT screen on the truck. In this way we can offer a fast and efficient support to:

  • the tank truck builder during commissioning of the truck
  • the truck driver in the field
  • the service technicians in service shops

Often our service technicians can fix the issue right away or do a quick analysis to identify the defect on the truck e.g. valve or sensor. The analysis facilitates a quick pit stop at the service shop, minimizing down time and cost.

Contact: Peter Rødkjær
Phone: +45 87981100

SAM MT Characteristics
  • Module built system with focus on flexibility and possibility for customizing on OTC solutions.
  • 12 inch rough touch screen
  • Complete truck overview and control
  • GPS tracking
  • Contact to Back Office via GPRS or OTC in real time (2-way communication)
  • Modular system, allowing easy future upgrades/features/customization (SW/HW)
  • Loading product information directly from depot or via OTC (option)
  • Event registration with minimum:
    • Date
    • Time
    • Location
  • Trip data directly from Back Office
  • Delivery information Return to Back Office
  • Compartment management (option)
  • Control of Additive Injection (option)
  • Temperature compensation (option)
  • Wet Leg Sensors, pressure switches, Guard Bar Surveillance etc. (options)
  • Remote Control (option)
  • On Truck Document Scanner (option)
  • Ship Bunkering (options)
  • Online support, service and updates